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Raam - Naam ( Glory to Ram Naam )

The one who turned stone into Ahilya, || जाकी रही भावना जैसी | प्रभु मूरत देखी तिन तैसी

Lord Ram

Om Shri Ramaya Namah

Just by reciting name of Ram, people sorrows start disappearing. Every soil particle of AVADH takes name of Rama. greenery of leaf is from name of Rama. Raghuvanshi whos feet touch turned stone into Ahilaya and gave salvation to her. Sages around the world are busy in taking his name. Hanuman ji incarnation of Lord Shiva hymes to Ram Naam Everytime. Ram -Naam the property which no theif can steal from you, Ram is not just name for billion of hindus all around the world. It is the ray of light which takes you toward perennial joy. Ram is the base of our soul. Ram is the only name which is treasured in our heart since ages past. Lord Shiva likes to recite name of Ram. Ram - Naam is the supreme purifier of the mind. When the letters ‘Ra’ and ‘Ma’ are put together it gives sense of divine Consciousness. When someone chants name of Ram , it creates a significant vibration in human body which invokes sleeping nerves. These nerves generates the feeling of supernal joy which is Eternal. Reciting name of Ram generates the feeling of attempting to unite itself with the Divine Being. It frees you from your destructive vibes. Ram Naam act as an tranquil force in your body which kills animal passion in human and destroyer of all pain.


To get this Paramanand (supernal joy) you need only one simple thing "Devotion or BHAV". These deep feelings which are known as Bhav will help you to connect with the supreme consciousness. Without devotion in repetition of Ram-Naam, the effect of Ram -Naam will not work out for you Whereas if you put devotion in your repetition. The Ram-Naam is potent enough to cause a big change in the psychological and the physical being of man even when it is mechanically repeated. Great transformation takes place in chanter body when he chants name of Ram in deep meditation. Name of Ram is Pure like petals of the flower which act as an medicinal hearb which heals all your pain and sorrow. Chanting name of Ram will lead you towards the right path. It will teach you about compassion and care. You can start chanting name of Ram anytime anywhere it will bring peace of mind for you. We are going in like "nothing to prove" "nothing to lose" after all it is all about positive attitude about life and coming out from animal nature. Best thing about being Human is that you can thank God for this life. What is the use of human birth to one who does not repeat name of Ram. only people who are endowed with Bhav can know the power of chanting Ram-Naam. Lord Ram showed path of righteousness , Courage and compassion which is benchmark for whole humanity. The grand apotheosis of Lord Ram is did by Sage Valmiki in Ramayana, which is leading humanity from darkness to light. Valmiki ji manifested Supreme consciousness as ShriRam. He described Ram as great warrior with compassion who lead the path of Dharma and slayed Demons from earth.

Shri Ram

Courtesy Siya k Ram

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