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Son of Dasaratha and Kausalya ( Lord Rama || श्रीराम )

Lord Rama

Dasaratha is regarded as great warrior King of Ayodhya and descendant of Ikshvaku. Many times Dasaratha helped Demi Gods to war against demons. Once upon a time in a fierce battle against demons his chariot broke down and a arrow pierced armour of Dasaratha. Kaikeyi was handeling chariot as charioteer, she repaired the broken wheel of the chariot and took chariot to some safe place away from battle field. She took proper care of Dasaratha till his wound recovered. This touched Dasaratha internally, he was so much impressed by Kaikeyi that he gave two boon to her. However, Kaikeyi choose to ask those boons later.

Maryada Purushottama
Ram is the Incarnation of Lord Vishnu who is referred as Maryada Purushottama is primary deity of hinduism. In sanskrit, the word Rama means Charming. Warrior Ram was an inordinate Ascetic (तपस्वी) from birth. Rama is considered as the perfect definition of ideal son. Once sage Vishwamitra came to Dasaratha and told him about the demons that have been harassing entire sage community in that area. Vishwamitra asked Dasaratha to send his two sons Ram and Lakshmana with him as entire community patron. Rama was resting in his room when Dasaratha called Rama and told him to go with sage Vishwamitra. Sage takes the two princes Rama and Lakshmana, with him as he needs Rama help in slaying all Demons of that area. In the Vishwamitra ashram, Rama first freed Tadka who was actually a heavenly nymph cursed to take the form of a demoness. After slaying tadaka, she came to her real avtar and thanked Rama for her Deliver. She was such an big threat for sages that after her death the surrounding jungle becomes more greener and cleaner.

Vishwamitra gifted various celestial weapons to Rama which made Rama more strong and complete warrior. Later on Rama continued his work of slaying demons in that area and freed almost whole jungle. Now Vishwamitra yagya is completed successfully. Once Vishwamitra took Rama and Lakshmana to Maharishi Gautama ashram where Vishwamitra told to rama that you have to perform very important Karma here. Rama asked to Vishwamitra what is that guru? Vishwamitra told him about Maharishi Gautama wife Ahilaya who was cursed to turn into stone by her husband after a sad incident. Vishwamitra told rama that as an stone, she was waiting for you from many years so that from your feet touch, she could turn back to women. As soon as Rama feet touched the stone and turned back to Ahilaya (wife of Gautama Maharishi).

King of Mithila organize swayamvar for his daughter sita. Janak, king of Mithila invites Vishwamitra with his students Ram and Lakshmana in this swayamvar. Hundreds of prince and kings came to attend and win this swayamvar. Only condition to win this swayamvar was winner has to lift Lord Shiva Bow and raise bow thread. Lord Shiva bow was really so heavy that ordinary man was not capable to lift it and raise thread and break it. Everyone attempted to complete the task but failed. Later on demon King Ravana came forward, He was such a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He created something called shiv tandav stotram. Shiva blessed him powers beyonds ordinary man imagination. Now Sita was little worried, she knew that Ravan was very powerful, devotee of Great Lord Shiva. Ravana was a man full of ego, He thought that with grace of Lord shiva he will easily do it. He tried to Lift the arrow with one hand but failed to lift it. Later on he tried with both of his hands, yes he got successful to lift it little a bit, which defines that he was great devotee of Lord shiva but an egoistic man cannot get Lord Shiva. Only Ascetic man who has compassion in his heart can acheive that consciousness. After seeing Ravan failed.

King of Mithila janak felt disappointed. He said harsh words for warriors and kings that "it seems like this entire world is true warrior free". This ignite Lakshmana (Brother of rama), Lakshmana urged sage Vishwamitra to send Rama to participate in swayamvar event. Later on Vishwamitra ordered Rama to take part in it. Rama start walking toward Lord Shiva Bow. After reaching there he fold his hands to Lord Shiva Bow. Later on Rama easily raised thread on bow and bow broke down and became beloved husband of Sita.

Shri rama

Feel the divine feeling in taking name of Lord Rama

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