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Never back down

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My friend have a look on this beautiful flower, It’s fragrance and colour is his beauty similarly a man who has achieved his object is praised in the society and world. This flower took birth from soil it absorbed water & mineral from its root and carbon dioxide from its leaf; these raw material helped him to stand on rough climatic conditions. Take lesson from it absorb things from your surroundings. Nature is always with you when nobody was around you. Work hard my friend, In Hindu epic Geeta a beautiful quote is written in which lord Krishna says to Arjun (Warrior Prince) “Do you Karma Arjun, you are send to this world to perform certain karma and never aspect anything from it.” Hey listen to me carefully, I am talking to you "Destroy what Destroys you" your problem is not your real problem your attitude towards your problem is your real problem. Change your attitude, Time to rise up so grab this opportunity. You are lucky that you are in this game (situation). Everyone has their own Fight. Life is hard and nothing comes easily. You have to make your own way. If you want to win, so get ready for the fight. If Life is tough you have to be tougher. Win or lose doesn't matter you just need to give your best shot. you can be pin down million times what matter is that how many times you get back on your feet.


Now Listen this
In a Dense jungle when lion feels hunger, He knows that to get fresh flesh he has to run so hard. And in that same jungle a deer knows that if he don't want to die he has to run hard. So Doesn't matter you are Lion or Deer, you have to run harder. It's very easy to give up but that low time when you decide to give up will bring disgrace to you. So get up and think again winning is possible. You just need to focus on problem and start solving one small part of it. By doing so, it will make you realize that you don't need luck you are capable that you can travel to the distances. Remember you can do it for yourself or for people you love or even for your country. They are watching you from far, Be a Hero. Rise above all God is with you, so make it happen.

never back down
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Champion Pause your life for a moment, i want you to think like a champion in that moment. Think about the glory, think about the fame, think about being a CHAMPION. It is possible my friend but for being a champion it requires one trait in humans. It is Craziness , you should be Crazy enough towards your goal.


Happy new year


Happy new year Friends it is really great time, Celebration already started all over the world as new year is approaching. we are in the end of last month in this year. People are Calling their friends and wishing them all the goodluck for next coming year with smile on their face. Friends as we are about to enter in the new year, we should be thankful to all those people who stood by our side during our hardtimes, we should not forgot them in happiness.





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