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Sometimes when everything going fine suddenly something happens; which takes you to the lower side of your motivation is what I call setbacks. There is a beautiful line in Rock Balboa “The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!”

motivational speech

It takes lot’s of courage and persistency to win in every filed. Only strong men who have strong desire to success and have the ability to stand alone from the crowd are the one who could became invincible. This is the only quality required to be a great leader like Gandhi or subhash Chandra Bose founder of Azad Hind fauz (Hind Army) . Mohamed Ali has been asked one time that “Sir how many push up you do?” Mohamed Ali replied like a true champion; He said “I really never count my push up, I start counting my push up when it starts hurting because it is the time when it count the most.”

Mohamed ali

Life is so amazing it gives equal opportunity to everyone but you may lack the resources which can take you to your destination with little faster rate. But it’s up to you which path you choose and how you handle your shortage of resources and failure. Handling resources efficiently is very important; otherwise it will become very hard for you to survive. The process of handling your resources is known as optimization. No one has time to listen you for 5 minutes in this world until you are rich or famous. So it is you who has to take their five minute smartly. I was reading a great book Unbreakable written by MC MARY KOM well known Indian boxer. Her story is so motivational you must read it. Mary Kom autobiography teached me that setbacks are important, it makes you wise and strong. It’s up to you how you use your setbacks and turn it to your fuel of success.

Mary Kom

Failure is considered as detrimental word but it is more important to understand the real meaning of Failure. A person who give up on his dream is the one who could be considered as failure. A continuous efforts in one particular direction can makes wonder. You must have heard about Dashrath Manjhi.

Dasrath Manjhi - The Mountain Man

A real true inspiring story of a ordinary man who did extra ordinary work for welfare of his village. This man changed my thinking when I came to know about him. A simple man who stand alone against a rock solid mountain and made name for himself as MOUNTAIN MAN. This made me realize that if a man can carve a path of 110 meter long, 9.1 meter in width and 7.6 meter in depth by his own without any support from any one with just a hammer and chisel. Then anything is achievable. Fruit of success is tastier when it is won against all odds. Otherwise you will never understand the true meaning of success and failure. Set backs are important they helps you to keep you apart from vanity and makes you wise. I want you to think about a white jasmine flower, how beautiful it is; so white, so natural each petal of jasmine is epitome of elegance. Train your mind to have that positivity in your inner thoughts because when setback hits someone. It hits them hard and only man who knows the inner engineering of thinking process is the one who has that ability to deal with setbacks and take positivity from them. Nothing comes easily it takes your blood and sweat same time to be successful. Success is possible if you know how to train your inner thoughts. My friends it is hard to be in shoes of a man who has continuous setback. But remember dear friend nothing is permanent in this world not even your reason of sorrow. Positive energy is flowing all around you; you just need to visualize it and feel the vibration.

Yes sometimes it becomes hard to have endurance but this is what you need the most, endurance and passiveness of thoughts which distract you from your goals. Friend sweat comes before success arrives to you for hug. Doesn’t matter you are a sport athlete, a soldier, teacher, labourer, entrepreneur or just a kid who just came out from college boundaries. Life treats you equally, it is up to you how you manage your resources and handle your setbacks. We have only one life to live so never fear to make bold decisions it will make you stand outside the crowd. You may feel uncomfortable in standing alone but trust me one day you will be more happier than them who are standing in crowd. Hard-work surely pays off you just need to concentrate on your work and give your 100% efforts. Glory comes to those who never give up on their dreams in hard times. Setbacks are just medium to teach you to how to stay humble and dignified when you have everything. It is just state of mind which can be changed easily with positive thought. Spirituality helps to fill the gap of who I am? & how I am? That divine consciousness inside your pineal gland which referred as third eyes has the answer of all your questions and anxiety. Meditation is the key to invoke your consciousness. It will teach you how to handle stress and uncountable pain which you will get from outer world. After all it is all about your life not about your setbacks. I would like to Quote Life hack lesson from Holly Gettha where Lord Krishna said these lines which leading the whole humanity from darkness to light.


  1. Life is a Challenge – Meet it.
  2. Life is a gift – Accept it.
  3. Life is a adventure- Dare it.
  4. Life is a Sorrow - Overcome it.
  5. Life is a tragedy- Face it.
  6. Life is a duty- Perform it.
  7. Life is a game- Play it.
  8. Life is a mystery- Unfold it.
  9. Life is a song- Sing it.
  10. Life is a opportunity- Take it.
  11. Life is a journey- Complete it.
  12. Life is a promise- Fulfil it.
  13. Life is a Love- Love it.
  14. Life is a beauty- Praise it.
  15. Life is a Spirit- Realize it.
  16. Life is a Struggle- Fight it.
  17. Life is a puzzle- Solve it.
  18. Life is a goal- Achieve it.

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