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Vaishno Devi

mata vaishno devi

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Indus valley civilization is oldest civilization in the world. Which is known before Mesopotamia(Iraq), Egypt, Persia(Iran), Greek. Indus valley civilization is 1000 years oldest in comparison to others. This civilization raised near Gangetic plain. People in that eara known from the name of arya. So in this vedic period whole state known from the name of Āryāvarta. The Land of rich Culture, knowledge, Tradition, Sages and Warriors. They used to worship the common source of Energy or urza . This Urza is an ancient goddess of feminine energy worshiped at Ancient cultures around the world which is formless. This urza was the purest form of conciousness. Aryan called it "MAA" or "MATA" || "Mother", Maa is the commonly used word in India to establish connection with thus often used to establish connection with goddess (MATA RANI).


In INDIA and around the world Vaishno Devi is known from name of mata rani,Trikuta and Vaishnavi. Holly Temple of Vaishno Devi is located in the mount of Jammu Kashmir India. It is believed that, There is some divine energy which helps people to travel pilgrimage. There are millions of stories spread all across the world which defines us that how mother(Vaishno Devi) loves, cares her children. Vaishno Devi is the most busiest pilgrimage of the world. More than 100K people visit Vaishno Devi per year. The most amazing fact about temple is that it is situated inside Vaishno Devi cave. In the current time Devotees enter the cave via artificial way created by Vaishno Devi foundation in 1977 due to massive increament of the Devotees.

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