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Alluring Sati

Lord shiva

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Chapter 3

| === |
| om |
|_ _ _ _
{_~~_~_~~_~~_~~_ _ _)
Prayer to Lord Shiva

Nagendraharaya trilochanaya
bhasmangaragaya maheshvaraya
nityaya suddhaya digambaraya
tasmai na karaya namah shivaya
om namah shivaya .

As mentioned in Previous chapter, Shiva Became Vairagi after dissecting his enegy into two parts. Great king Daksha, starts his penance as per order from his father Brahma, to get Adi Shakti | Urza (Enegy) as his daughter and vows to get her married to Lord Shiva. On the other side Brahma hankering was increasing by every passing day of Daksha penance. Brahma finally loses his patience and decides to meet lord Vishnu with demi gods. Lord Vishnu welcomes Brahma in baikunth, Brahma defines all his musings about Lord Shiva Vairaag.

Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu tries to make brahma understood that this whole event cycle will take time. Brahma replies to Lord Vishnu that
Brahma : "Daksha has spend too much time in his penance, Lord Shiva isolation toward this world is getting stronger and stronger, now we don't have too much time to see Daksha Penance to get complete. In such circumstances we have only one option is left in front of us." Lord Vishnu knew that what Brahma was trying to say him.
Lord Vishnu : "Pitahmah, the option you talked about, it will have devastating impact on world moreover that it will create more instability in this world. We need to wait Daksha to complete his penance."
Brahma : "Narayan every passing day makes me more eager to see shiva getting out from his isolation. It is our exigent to bring shiva out from his meditation and vairaag." Lord vishnu understood that it will be more hard to make Brahma understood the impact of his step which he is going to take. Brahma gives salutation to Vishnu and disappears from the baikunth with other demi gods. Meanwhile Daksha continues his penance to get Adishakti as his daughter. After reaching Brahma lok, Brahma decides to rebuke Ved - Puran which he has created to lead the world from darkness to light. Shiva was roaming from one isolated place to another, he listens Brahma all four head which were praising Ved-purans but his fifth head was defaming ved-puran. Shiva get's angry on Brahma fifth head but he tries to control his anger whereas brahma fifth head was continuously defaming ved-puran which ultimately makes Shiva more angry. Shiva was about to throw his trident towards Brahma fifth head, suddenly Lord Vishnu appears in front of him and request Shiva to not throw trident towards brahma. But Shiva replies to Lord Vishnu

Lord Shiva : "Narayan i cannot bypass your precious words, they are like ocean pearls to me but the fifth head of brahma is doing something which is unacceptable to me as well as for you." Shiva throws his trident towards brahma to decapitating his fifth head. Demi gods and other get's shocked after seeing Shiva's angry Rudra avatar. This doesn't stop shiva anger and shiva moves to the cremation ground for complete isolation. Brahma once again failed to bring Shiva out from his isolation. After reaching to cremation ground shiva Smeared himself with dead bodies ash, sitting atop a rock.

shiva gans

Few ghost and spirit of cremation ground looks at Shiva, who was indulge on meditation. These cremation ghost had chaotic nature which was full of impatience but after seeing Lord Shiva in cremation ground performing meditation brings joy and feeling of ecstasy in them. They have never seen such calmness and control over senses before. One of ghost among them used cacophony dance form to ask question to other ghost. First Ghost : "who is this man sitting alone over the top of rock in our cremation ground." Another ghost replies that Second Ghost : "His guise resembles with Shiva. Is he shiva ?". First Ghost : "Yes you are absolutely right, He resembles like Lord Shiva, the one who never differentiate among his devotee. Just after seeing him I am feeling like my all sin have been destroyed. It is our felicity that our Shiva came to our cremation ground." They folds their hands in front of shiva and gets down on their knees, their heart get filled with ocean of devotion and tear drop comes out from their eyes. This was the first time when they felt so good and mentally stable. Shiva slowly-slowly opens his eyes and gives smiles towards the Ghost and Phantoms. Shiva tells them

Shiva : "Wipe out these tear drop, you all are dear to me like my childs." Shiva puts his hand over their head. one ghost replies to shiva
Ghost : "My Lord, we know clearly that we are the ghost, No one in this world ever allowed us to come near to them. We have been mistreated everywhere. We were boycotted from human's society. These humans putted allegations on us that we are impure, So we choose this cremation ground as our home, where hardly anyone comes. It is our fear that if we stayed with you, these humans may start defaming you. " Shiva smiles and speaks politely to them
Shiva : "My kids if defaming me can give happiness to anyone then let them do that, I never differentiate my devotees on the basis of their reverence neither i have delimit them on the basis of their karma." Shiva closes his eyes and start meditating once again. Now these ghost and phantoms starts serving shiva by cleaning the surrounding of Shiva and decorating it with various flowers. Whenever shiva Moves from one geolocation to other, they follows him and after reaching in that place, they makes proper arrangement for shiva.

Lord Shiva

On the other side Daksha completes his penance and Goddess adishakti-Durga appears in front of him. Daksha gives salutation to Goddess. Goddess ask to Daksha Durga : "Oh great Daksha I am so happy with your prayers-meditation and reverence towards me. Ask any boon in return." Daksha replies Daksha: "Greatest mother of all living beings, Today i am so glad that you appeared in front of your devotee. This is more enough than any boon. Mother still i want to ask something, mother My father Brahma told me that Shiva lives an ascetics life on mount of kailash himalayas's but on my father's request he dissected his energy into two parts, and became so isolated. Mother you are the other dissected energy source of shiva. Due to partition from Shiva, you lost your memories about being shiva spouse. I request you to take birth as my daughter so that i could become the medium of Shiva and your splice." Goddess Durga gives consent to daksha to take birth as his daughter by putting one single condition. Durga : "Son Daksha I knew about the separation from Lord Shiva but i would like to tell you that Shiva and shakti are inseparable. Today i give you a boon that i will take birth as your daughter but if ever by knowingly or unknowingly you insulted me or Lord shiva. I will return back to my realm and you will be responsible of the consequences." Daksha accepts the Boon and gives salutation to Goddess Shakti - Durga. Daksha returns his kingdom where his wife prasuti was worshipping lord vishnu. After reaching in his palace, he tells prasuti about his successful penance which fills her with extreme joy and happiness. Whole kingdom celebrates the happiness and after few days Prasuti conceives a glowing enegy source in her womb. Later on prasuti gives birth to a adorable girl child, Prasuti was shining so much while giving birth to her daughter . After the adorable girl child birth demi gods gave shower of flower petals. Birds start chirping melodious voice. Narad Visited Daksha palace and told daksha that after seeing his daughter. He felt so pious, so it will be better to name her Sati. Just after listening sati name, Shiva discloses his eyes from meditation and looks at the ashes of dead bodies around him in cremation ground and closes again. ॐ नमः शिवाय | om namah shivaya | next post :- Sati and Shiva

shiva in cremation ground

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