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Creation of world [ brahma vishnu shiva ]

brahma vishnu shiva

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Chapter 1

| === |
| om |
|_ _ _ _
{_~~_~_~~_~~_~~_ _ _)
Prayer to Lord Shiva

Nagendraharaya trilochanaya
bhasmangaragaya maheshvaraya
nityaya suddhaya digambaraya
tasmai na karaya namah shivaya
om namah shivaya .

According to Shiv puran, Shiv is regarded as the Sada-shiv, Supreme consciousness. He is the one who is not bounded by the wheel of time and Karma. He manifested himself as Mahakaal or Rudra. The one who is unborn, immortal, who doesn't have any start or end. This is the story of the beginning, when there was void with no time, no light, nothing existed. Cosmos was filled with emptiness and darkness. There was certain kind of voidness. The only thing that existed that time was divine consciousness termed as Omkar Sada-shiv(universal Truth). Sada-shiv is limitless and shapeless, and undefined null. Afterwards, The feminine enegy of Sada-shiv originated as shiva. Shiva gave salutation to Sada-shiv.

Shiv Shiva

the Supreme consciousness Sada-shiv told to shiva. Shiva, I didn't created you, you were already present there, you are my energy, I am in you and you are in me. Shiva replied to sada-shiv "Oh lord, you are the Supreme source of energy". Sada-shiv replied, yes I am the Supreme source of enegy but my strength is proof of your existence. After this conversation between them, Sada-shiv and Shiva became so close as the cosmic couple. Sada-shiv as man and shiva as his wife. In the inital phase they created elementary elements, They created two words beginning and end which were complementary to each other. With the combined decision with his feminine Urza Shiva | Shakti (enegy), they decided to create the third energy. From the seat of mentational consciousness of huge Ocean; where the sweetest tide of thoughts originates. It is the place where the truth is the valuable gem. From that dept of mentational ocean a man appeared on bed of huge snake. His charm was so cosmic, his glow was spreading all over. His crown was covered with Gold and diamonds. He worn a golden robe which was decorated with various gems. There was so much solace and calmness on his face. His eyes were so beautiful that they were resembling with lotus.

Lord Vishnu

In sweet and melodious voice he asked "Who am I and what are the orders for me ? " God appeared in mystic form and replied to him. "Since you are omniscient, you will be known from name of VISHNU. You will have more names and you will collect all knowledge from Austerity". After that mystic voice Lord Vishnu began his penance. He did the hardest and longest penance, due to impact of his penance, various water fountain originated from his body. After that 24 elements appeared from Lord Vishnu ji body. Lord Vishnu fullfilled the voidness of universe with divine water that came from his body. Lord Vishnu went down and slept at bed of huge snake (Sheshnaag) surrounded with divine water that came from his body. While sleeping so many epochs have been passed. Time came when his deep inner energy awakes and he opned his lotus eyes. Entire universe was reacting with each other. As he observed these phenomena inside him, a lotus began to grow from his navel part. It was such a huge lotus flower, with beautiful petals. This beautiful lotus had shine of million suns, which was spreading in all the directions. A broad energy entered into lotus and shape of Lord Brahma appear on it. As he revolved his head in four direction, one head appeared from each direction. Fifth head appreared top over his head.


He observed himself alone, surrounded with divine sea water. Lord Brahma was unaware of his identity, He didn't knew his origin and from where he came? High tides was shaking the lotus in which bhrama was sitting. He found himself isolated on lotus which maked him scared, so he decided to enter inside the lotus stem. He tried several epochs to reach out to origin of lotus stem after getting tired, he returned to his initial place. Now God appeared in mystic voice again and said him to perform Austerity for gaining all knowledge. Lord Brahma did penance of more than 100 divine years. After his successful penance, divine consciousness entered on Lord Brahma mind, which made him realize the actual truth. Whom he failed to discover long time ago. Now Lord Brahma saw lord Vishnu sleeping over huge Snake (Sheshnaag) on divine sea, and Vishnu glory was lighting the entire universe. Lord vishnu was looking so great over Sheshnaag, his appearance was so divine. Afterwards Lord Brahma closely viewed Lord Vishnu navel, from where his lotus has came out, in which he was sitting.

Lord Brahma had the ecstatic feeling after realizing the all. With such ecstasy Lord Brahma asked to Lord Vishnu with humbleness " Who are you and Who I am ? " Vishnu replied with smile "Pitamah, I welcome you, Don't get scared, whatever you will ask from me I 'll give you." Due to Rajo trait Lord Brahma heart got filled with egoistic thoughts and he replied to Lord Vishnu "Who are you to boon me, i am omniscient Bharma. Pitamah(grandfather of all) who took self birth." Lord Visnu said to Lord Brahma "Pitamah, I know your inner morph, that's the aim you came from the lotus, which came out of my navel. But it is not your fault, you became victim of my maya. You can understand me as the ultimate truth." After listening these words, Lord Brahma got filled with extreme anger, He started disputational argument with Lord Vishnu. That time (Sada-shiv) appeared as endless, huge Fire pillar. Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma got amazed by viewing Sada-shiv formless fire pillar.

sada shiv

In anxiety of reaching out the corner of the fire pillar Lord Brahma decide to move upwards in fire pillar and Lord Vishnu decided to move downwards. They continued their journey to several epochs but still the edge of the fire pillar was not there. Ultimately they returned to the starting point from where they had started their journey of finding the edge of fire pillar. While returning to initial place, Lord Brahma once decided to accept his failure of not reaching to the end of the fire pillar. Then he saw a ketaki flower falling down. Lord Brahma tried to convince ketaki flower to witness that he reached to edge of fire pillar eventually ketaki flower agreed to lie in front of Lord Vishnu that Lord Brahma reached the edge of huge fire pillar. When Lord Brahma and ketaki flower reached to initial place and meet to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu accepted that he had no luck to find out the edge of fire pillar but Lord Brahma lied to Lord vishnu that he reached to the edge of the fire pillar. Lord Vishnu accepted Lord Brahma words because Lord Brahma had a proof in his hand as flower of ketaki. Sada-shiv knowingly angered on Lord Brahma for his lie of reaching out the edge of fire pillar. Sada-shiv cursed Lord Brahma to be not worshipped in all three realm for his lies. Sada-shiv also punished flower of ketaki for being a false witness by declaring renouncement to be not accepted in worship. Flower of ketaki requested to Sada-shiv that his existence will become useless after such punishment. Sada-shiv told to flower of ketaki that since you are not used as offering to me in worship, still you will be used for decorative purposes. Feeling of delicacy entered in Lord Vishnu and Bharma. Sada-shiv told to them "I am the Bharma, I am the lord, I can be worshipped in formless form as Linga which is the manifestation of endless fire pilar known as Sada-shiv. Or I can be worshipped as Mahadev in a known form or state".

Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma asked Sada-shiv to take shape so that they could worship him. Sada-shiv said in mystic voice that he will take shape as Rudra ( Mahadev | shiv) which will be equivalent to sada-shiv morp. My Rudra form will take over the Destroyer part. There will be no difference between Vishnu and Shiv. The one who will worship Vishnu will actually worship Shiv and the one who will worship shiv will actually worship Vishnu". By stating that sada-Shiv ordered Lord Brahma to work for creation of world with elementary elements which was created by Sada-shiv and shiva. Lord Vishnu accept the work of Preserver. Later on Sada-shiv took shape of huge five headed Rudra and each mouth created a nad (universal vibration) which termed as Om, Auṃ , Sanskrit- ॐ. These five universal vibration collectively created panchakshari mantra " ॐ नमः शिवाय | om namah shivaya". Sada-shiv disappeared but Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma started worshipping Sada-shiv as Rudra or shiv by chanting ॐ नमः शिवाय | om namah shivaya. After returning to their realm Lord Brahma started creation process and Lord Vishnu taken over his preserver responsibility. Later on Rudra took shape from sada-shiv and controlled the balance of trinity. Rudra is auspicious and commonly known from name of lord Shiva who is unborn and immortal. Continue

Lord Shiva

ॐ नमः शिवाय | om namah shivaaya

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