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Daksha Invites Shiva for Huge Gathering Chapter 9

| === |
| om |
|_ _ _ _
{_~~_~_~~_~~_~~_ _ _)
Prayer to Lord Shiva

Nagendraharaya trilochanaya
bhasmangaragaya maheshvaraya
nityaya suddhaya digambaraya
tasmai na karaya namah shivaya
om namah shivaya .


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Now story continues

As defined previously Daksha decides to organize a huge gathering where he invites Shiva to join the summit. Sage Kashyap takes responsibility on his shoulder to give invitation to Shiva. Whereas Daksha had other dark plans for Shiva in his heart and for fulfilling of his evil plans he invites Shiva. Afterwards King Daksha meets with his daughter Sati. Daksha questions sati about the progress in preparation of spring season festival. Sati tells her father that she is taking care of everything in preparation of spring season festival. Daksha observes that Sati is getting emaciated day by day while handling everything all alone so he decides to define some other responsibility to his son in law Chandra (Moon). Daksha tells Chandra to handle major responsibility on behalf of him. Later on Daksha orders his daughters to collect river water. He tells sati to collect Saraswati river water.

Shiva and sati

In Kailash Nandi sees that Shiva is not in his place so he searches Shiva. He ends up with empty hands so he comes back to Shiva place and start weeping. Shiva’s ghost and apparition see Nandi restless so they ask to Nandi where is Shiva? Nandi replies to them that “Shiva is not in Kailash. Once in a year during end of winter season, Shiva leaves Kailash without informing anyone and involves himself in meditation on cremation ground“. Apparition asks Nandi the reason behind Shiva isolation on particular day but Nandi refuses to answer that question; he states that he is also in search of that answer. Narad enters to Kailash and calls out Nandi name. Nandi greets Sage Narad and raises the same question that “why for one day Shiva meditates on some unknown cremation ground in end of winter.” Narad tells to Nandi that “it is usually that for one day Shiva even forgets himself and meditates in cremation ground. This cycle of meditation is known as Samadhi.” Nandi asks another question “why Shiva goes to Samadhi on that particular day?” Narad replies that “Nandi please don’t be stressed it is common for Shiva to attain the Samadhi” Nandi asks again that “When Shiva retires to the cremation grounds and goes into the ‘Samadhi’ state. That time was unbearable for me. Sage Narad please define the actual reason behind Shiva Samadhi during end of winter season.” Narad enlighten Nandi he states that “Nandi this kailash is holy place for me. I know that you have observed Shiva hidden pain and sorrow which Shiva never expresses in front of anyone but actual truth is that Shiva is in great grief. Shiva is dissected; Yes Nandi Shiva is dissected into two parts. It is the same day when on request of Brahma; he dissected himself into two parts. ” Nandi gets more impatient when he comes to know about Shiva dissection. With tear in his eyes Nandi asks to Narad “What to do next sage? My Lord Shiva will never share his grief with us.

Boom shiva

Please tell me will ever my lord come out form his isolation. Shiva is so naive, he always look-after each one of us. My Lord needs someone who could take care of him when I am not there in Kailash. Sages please tell me something that Shiva dissected whom from himself for creation of world. Was she goddess sati?” Narad sees tear drops in Nandi eyes so he replies “Since you are asking me Nandi I will tell you that Shakti | Energy was dissected by Shiva for creation of this world. Goddess Sati is incarnation of Shakti who took birth as daughter of Daksha to marry Shiva. Only she can take Shiva out from his Isolation. But due to bind on human body Goddess sati is unaware of her divine morph. Listen me carefully Nandi even Lord Vishnu wants Shiva to come out from his Recluse. Nandi Mahadeva Shiva can’t bear anyone in trouble whenever anyone calls out his name with true devotion Shiva has to appear in mystic form to help them. Nandi demi god Vasant is there in Daksha kingdom he will become medium in coming time.” Nandi tells to Narad that he is not being able to understand Narad words. Narad convinces Nandi that in coming time Shiva will come out of his Recluse. Nandi hails Nard name and Narad takes leave from Kailasha. In mean time Nandi sees Shiva viewing water stream when he reaches on bank of stream. Nandi greets Shiva, he tells Shiva that Mount Kailasha feels like cremation ground when Shiva is not there. Nandi decides to bring fresh fruits from jungle for Shiva. Shiva reaches to his place and views beauty of mount kailasha. Nandi reaches at that moment and offers fresh fruits but Shiva refuses. Shiva tells Nandi that today he is not willing to eat any fruit. So Nandi offers river water again Shiva refuses to drink river water. Nandi decides to ask a question from Shiva that “My lord today you came so early from Samadhi.” Shiva looks at Nandi and ask him “What is Samadhi for you Nandi? It is just a door which takes you to your identity; it is a jump from life to death; Journey from existence to end. But today Nandi I was restless in my meditation. This is the first time when few thoughts raised on mind. So I returned on kailasha.” Nandi replies “But oh Lord you are omniscient.

shiva during meditation

You know everything, you are the Supreme.” Shiva replies to Nandi that “whether you call me omniscient or Parmeshwara these are the names given by you and my devotees. But you are forgetting Nandi that being called omniscient which gives birth to highbrow. And if there is no highbrow in me then How could be I called omniscient. Nandi sometimes it is necessary to unknown something.” Nandi gets shine on his eyes he replies to Shiva “But my lord I know everything, why you isolate yourself for one day in the end of winters. Sage Narad told me all.” Shiva gets angry on Narad, He shouts Nandi name and tells him that “Nandiiiiiiiii sssss ... Narad knows nothing; I don’t need anyone I am complete. Time flux is inside me. I am the one who is not bounded in the wheel of karma and time. All three mode of time Future, Present, Past works on my will. I am the Supreme Consciousness and energy in your mind and in your body.” Nandi apologized to Shiva on expressing his thoughts. On the other side sati reaches on bank of Saraswati River. Narad too reaches in same jungle; He sees sati on bank of river filling her water vessel. Narad plans to sing something for sati so that she could know her reality of divine Consciousness. In between his plan Narad meets the music beat who are known from name of Raga Ragini. Raga is considered as male melodic mode of Indian classical music and Ragini is considered as female melodic mode of Indian classical music. There are various Raga and Ragni in traditional ancient classical music system. Narad greets them and asks them where they are going, one of them tells Narad that Daksha daughter sati is organizing spring season festival and for delighting guests of festival through melodious music we are going to attain the festival. Narad decides to grab opportunity to sing for raga and ragni so that they could remove their tiredness by enjoying his music. Raga Ragni accepts the musical treat from him but Narad decides to sing off beat musical note so that he could have some more time to hold sati on bank of river where Shiva may come to explore the beauty of river or jungle. Narad who is always busy in travelling from one realm to another takes his musical instrument and starts his musical beat. Narad musical beat was so unpleasant it destroys the peace of the jungle. Raga ragni feels unconscious even sati on bank of river gets disturbed by such a horrible musical note. Narad sees that Raga and ragnis are losing consciousness so he stops suddenly. One of the Raga tells Narad that we are going to die after hearing his offbeat note. Narad realizes that unknowingly he did an horrible mistake which can be so devastating and world will never forgive him for killing Raga and Ragni because if Raga and Ragini dies it will be the end of music. A world without music will be vapid. Narad gets down on his knees and fold his hands and prays to Shiva that unknowingly he did the huge mistake. He requests Shiva to bless life to Raga and ragini.


Suddenly a cold breeze comes to that jungle and fog starts appearing in front of Narad. A huge shadow holding trident in his right hand appears from the fog.

shiva story

Narad opens his eyes and sees Shiva standing in front of him. Narad request Shiva to bless the life of Raga and ragni. Shiva sees raga and ragni Recumbency and takes walk to the nearer rock and sits on his posture as he sits on mount kailasha.

shiva god

He takes his Damru (PELLET DRUM) his musical instrument and starts a musical beat. Just by vibration of his damru animals of the jungle gets delighted, a small deer who was feeding himself leaves his green leaf and comes near to Shiva to listen his music, Shiva takes sitar in hand and starts singing. Consciousness of Raga Ragni comes back and they start dancing on musical beat of Shiva.

lord shiva stories

Shiva takes high note and flowers start blossom, birds stop chirping and sits on the tree to listen the melodious music.

shiva history

As melody of music reaches on the ears of sati, she asks herself that who is behind such a musical note. Water vessel gets slipped from her hands and she gets mesmerized by melody of music. Unknowingly she starts walking towards source of music and stops at seeing Shiva. Narad sees sati viewing Shiva in his musical avatar this brings narad to great joy. Internally in his heart he thanks Shiva for blessing Raga- Ragni life.


Meanwhile sati was giving continuous stare at Shiva. Suddenly she starts dancing on musical beats of Shiva and everyone gets delighted to see sati dance on Shiva tune.

story of shiva

Shiva feels sati presence around him and opens his eyes slowly - slowly. Shiva stops the music and sees in sati eyes. Both look each other but Shiva takes his eyes off from sati and holds trident in his right hands and divine fog appears again and Shiva disappears from there leaving sati mesmerized. Sati was not able to understand what ever just happened to her. Shiva and sati

How she came there by her own, and why Shiva stopped such beautiful and melodious music. She was curious to know the reason of Shiva disappearance. Narad gives salutation to sati and tells her that Shiva is Shiva, “Aham shivoham, namah shivaay. shiva sees sati

He is the one who is not bounded by wheel of time and Karma. Shiva sings the betterment of the cosmos. Today he came here to save life of Raga and ragni on my request”. After that sati greets Raga & ragni and takes them to her palace with river water in her vessel for preparation of spring season. While going back she gives second look to the rock in which Shiva was sitting. Daksha invites Shiva and Shiva arrives on Narad request to save Raga & ragni. Sati hears Shiva Singing and begins to dance. When Shiva sees her standing before him he disappears leaving sati mesmerized.


ॐ नमः शिवाय | om namah shivaya

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