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Madanike worshiper of Shiva

madanike devotee of shiva

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| === |
| om |
|_ _ _ _
{_~~_~_~~_~~_~~_ _ _)
Prayer to Lord Shiva

Nagendraharaya trilochanaya
bhasmangaragaya maheshvaraya
nityaya suddhaya digambaraya
tasmai na karaya namah shivaya
om namah shivaya .


Madanike worshiper of Shiva

As defined previously Madanike was too sure that sati is in love with someone but not accepting her feelings for someone so Madanike tries to figure out whom she loves? Sati doesn’t make Madanike realize that she is highly influenced by Shiva. Next day singing competition is organized in the state and various singers takes part in it. It was a grand fest everyone was presenting something musical to the listener. Now sati is requested to sing something for audience but she refuses to sing or perform in front of everyone but on request of her family she accepts the offer to sing in front of all. She decides to play sitar, she sits to play Sitar a classical music instrument. She starts her melodious musical note Chandra (moon) was attending that competition, He realizes that the tune sati is performing has Shiva factor in it. Somehow Chandra convinces himself that daughter of great king daksha who hates Shiva can’t sing Shiva tune it must be some kind of illusion of misunderstanding.


On the other side Madanike observes that sati is performing Shiva tune. Madanike comes to know that sati is in love with Shiva. She was totally shocked to know that; her smiling expression gets change, but she manages to hide her expression from others. When sati finishes her tune she realizes that unknowingly she performed Shiva tune in front of all so she walks out from the grand fest. Madanike follow her and talks about it with Sati in her room. Madanike tells sati that you cannot love Shiva. She defines the rivalry between Shiva and her father; that her father Daksha is the greatest hater of Shiva. Even people are not allowed to take Shiva name on the palace then how can she think to love Shiva being Daksha daughter? She leaves sati room, sati keeps wondering. After some time Sati again decides to meet Madanike in her room. Sati gets surprised to see Madanike worshipping Shivalinga. Sati comes near to Madanike and asks a question “Why are you worshipping Shiva then? And why you are telling me to stay away from Shiva” Madanike sees Sati and tells her that “Sati listen to me carefully There is no one like him, he never discriminate among his devotees. He is the one who is free from this materialistic mean world. Adiyogi Param brahma (Supreme Consciousness). Only he can accept people like us who are not respected in your father society. He is the silent patron of weaker who never asks anything in return. Who is always being a giver not a taker? Shiva is boundless still bounded with thin thread of devotion with his devotees.” Madanike praises Shiva virtues and shares of her worries for Sati, who is stuck between Daksha and Shiva; she tells sati that rules and regulation are created in Daksha palace whereas Shiva believes in no rules. There is no rule in worshipping Shiva, he never asked anyone to worship him. This is the simplicity of the Shiva.

Bhole nath

Mean while on mount kailash all three sages reach to near to Shiva and Shiva gives smile to all three sages. Sage Dadhichi sees to Shiva feet and bow down with sage kashyap and sage Atri. He offers flower of prajita on Shiva feet. A tear drop comes out from sage Dadhichi eyes and falls on Shiva feet. Shiva realizes that Dadhichi has tears in his eyes. He makes Dadhichi and other sages to stand on their feet. Dadhichi tells Shiva that Daksha has invited you for huge gathering but Shiva turns down the Daksha invitation by saying that in these types of huge gathering, new rules are formed which becomes the medium to discrimination among people based on caste, region so he will not attend the gathering. But Dadhichi request Shiva that he has promised daksha to bring you in his huge gathering please accept our request. Otherwise our value will be lost that our lord didn’t accept our request. Shiva sees sage Dadhichi requesting so hard with other sages so he accepts the gathering invitation but before agreeing on that he takes promise with his devotees that if he will attends the gathering on one condition that whatever may be the consequences of the gathering they will not be responsible for anything.


Shiva explains them that if anything happen then he will be responsible for himself no one else will take responsibility of anything. This makes sages little bit worried but Shiva makes them comfortable that he will come there but if anything uncertain happens he will put blame for himself not any sage. After getting the satisfied answer sages gives salutation to Shiva and leaves mount kailasha. Nandi comes to talk with Shiva and asks a question. “Is there something wrong going to happen my lord?” Shiva replies that Nandi that “It is in conceive by time; let’s not open it before time”. One the other side next day sati’s mother Prasuti talks with Madanike to bring new colours for spring season fest decoration. Madanike tells to Prasuti that for bringing new colours for fest decoration; she has to visit king of colours kingdom which is far from here and she can’t do it alone. She needs someone who can join her in journey. Prasuti sees Sati coming straight from her room towards them. Prasuti tells her daughter sati to join Madanike on her journey to bring new colours for fest but Madanike gets little bit confused whether she should take sati with her on not? Sati agrees to visit King of colours but Madanike was little bit worried because kingdom of colours was in north direction where mount Kailsha was located. Madanike tries to handle the situation by saying that sati is looking tired these days so she will take someone else with her; but sati interrupts her by saying that she is fine and ready to visit colour kingdom to bring colours from there for spring festival. Somehow Madanike agrees to take sati with her to visit Colour kingdom.

ॐ नमः शिवाय | om namah shivaya

madanike devotee of shiva

Important : Dear readers we have decided that we will post consecutive part of story on next monday.

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