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Lord Shiva

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Mahadev | Shiva

When i think about Mahadev, many things comes in my mind which fills me with joy and inner peace. When i was a young kid, I always looked Shiva picture as a man who has trident in his right hand and snake around his neck. I never understood shiva as Param Bharma. But when i came to know about shiva and understood Why he is one of the most contemporary form of divine entity. It changed my aspect towards life. It gave me wider version of this world. Now i feel more energetic and powerful. I just enjoy his presence everywhere around me, For me he is present in flower petals and in sound of the rain. He is also present in the smile of a kid. sometimes he becomes my teacher who teaches me that any condition can be handled with patience and smile. Some times he becomes my friend whom i can express my views and thoughts in prayers. It is his energy everywhere which is giving me inspiration to perform my wheel of karmas. Otherwise who has the power in this world to even displace a tinny sand particle. He is unborn, immortal, interminable, everlasting yogi, Supreme Consciousness. He has many names, you can calls him from any name Shiva, Rudra, Mahadev Maheshwaraya etc. I call him Shivam Shivaay because this name helps me to connects with him and gives me feeling of ecstasy . He resides in my heart in his simplest form as OMKAR. He resides in my heart in his simplest form as OMKAR. He is the one who is not bounded with wheel of karma and time. He is the ultimate destroyer of darkness and ego who is free from worldly bonds.

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Here we are sharing small story of goddess sati.

Sage Dadhichi introduced Mahadev to mother sati

On the first meet of Mata Sati with Sage Dadhichi.
sage said to mother: You've never seen it before , isn't it? Somebody with ASH smeared on their bodies with adorned with the RUDRAKSHA beads.
Mother say's : NO...
Sage smiles : ASH is the ultimate end of our lives. ASH it never allow us to forget that all that is created, is indestroyable including the world itself Then why the attachement to this world ? And these are the seed of RUDRAKSHA Seeds never wither, They never die , They give life, like the soul, So that we're never lose sight of this truth That's why we wear a garland of RUDRAKSHA seed This is the mark of the devotees of lord shiva
Mother : Shivaaaa......ssss----aaa First time she came to know about Lord Shiv shankar mahadev......
Sage :: Now this RUDRAKSHA beads will lead you towards your ultimate destination, who is none other than Shivaay.

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Author's one min

The extra ordinary story of Shiva and sati starts from here. Although Sati was Adishakti who took birth in Daksha home as his daughter. She made name for herself as Dakshayani. This is the story of trust, love and devotion of a lady who became loving wife of Shiva. But this journey of Sati was not that simple as it seems to be, I want you to think about a princess who falls in love with a Vairagi. Most amazing thing about Shiva is that he is not bounded in the bonds of karma, lives in deep cold freezing mount of kailash. How can someone falls in love with such a man, who owns nothing but same time master of universe ? This story will spellbound you when you came to know that her father Daksha was the greatest hater of Shiva. He never gave the respect to Lord shiva on the other hand his own most loved daughter Sati falls in love with shiva. The Charm and devotion towards Shiva strengths sati to move towards Lord shiva.

Shiva and sati

Check out the amazing story of Lord Shiva and how it began?

Mahadev Inventor of yoga and music lover

Drum: A small drum shaped like an hourglass is known as a damaru (ḍamaru). This is one of the attributes of Shiva in his famous dancing representation known as Nataraja. A specific hand gesture (mudra) called ḍamaru-hasta (Sanskrit for "ḍamaru-hand") is used to hold the drum.This drum is particularly used as an emblem by members of the Kāpālika sect. Tandav : Famous Shiva dance also known as dance of destruction, If he does tandav dance then nobody dares to come in front of him, Once lord Shiva destroyed kaamdev from his third eye. But on kaamdev wife request Lord shiva returned Kaamdev life to him .... In Sikhism The Japuji Sahib of the Guru Granth Sahib says, "The Guru is Shiva, the Guru is Vishnu and Brahma; the Guru is Paarvati and Lakhshmi. Mahadev is also known as Devo k Dev mahadev means Lord of lords...

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