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Nandi Greets sati

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| om |
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Prayer to Lord Shiva

Nagendraharaya trilochanaya
bhasmangaragaya maheshvaraya
nityaya suddhaya digambaraya
tasmai na karaya namah shivaya
om namah shivaya .

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As defined previously while taking bed rest sati sees a dream in which see observes that Shiva is performing cosmic dance in the sky. This dream makes sati restless and she wakes up from the bed and goes to her balcony of the palace to see big deep white moon over blue sky. Sati realises that moon is looking brighter than normal nights. This fills her mind with Shiva thoughts. Somehow she manages to take her mind out of Shiva thoughts and concentrates on the punishment of writing Lord Vishnu names 100k times on lotus petals. Next day Sati sisters’ talk with each other’s regarding sati physical as well as emotional health. They decide to talk with their mother Prasuti so that sati punishment could get reduced little bit. Prasuti tells them that their father Daksha could get angrier on sati if they will talk about reducing sati punishment level. So they decide to bring some fruits for sati but sati rejects to eat them by saying that she doesn’t have time to eat them.

goddess sati

With heavy heart Prasuti decides to meet Prajapati Daksha; she tells to Daksha that his daughter sati health is degrading day by day due to harsh punishment given by her father. Daksha tries to make Prasuti understand that Shiva and his devotees are using his daughter sati against his ideology and he will not let them use his daughter against him. Prasuti tells to Daksha that Issue is between Shiva and Prajapati’s traditions then why he is bringing sati in between them. Daksha tells Prasuti that he will not forgive Shiva and his devotees for bringing Sati in between them. At last Prasuti ask Daksha to have something in dinner but Daksha refuse to eat anything. Prasuti tells to Daksha that whether Shiva will be defeated or not but a father has been already defeated by King Daksha.


On the other hand sati continues writing name of lord Vishnu on petals of lotuses. She follows all the rules and gives close concentration on her work while writing Vishnu name on petals. Soon she completes her punishment and her sisters Khyati and Revati informs Daksha that sati has completed her punishment by writing Vishnu name on all the petals. Daksha gets delighted by hearing that his most loved daughter sati completed the strict punishment given by him. He decides to see her daughter where she was busy with her punishment. Daksha tells to sati that he is very proud of her. The way she followed the rules and tradition of prajapati dynasty is really remarkable. Daksha doesn’t stop here he tells to Sati that She has really proved that she is ideal daughter. Daksha words delights sati a unknown shine comes to her eyes when she sees that her father is very happy by her efforts. Daksha picks a lotus but instead of getting being happy his face becomes dull when he views SHIVA name of every lotus petals around him.


Sati gets shock by seeing the sudden transition in father face. She visualized that by mistake she has written Shiva name on every petal around Daksha. She gets more scared by daksha and other dignitaries present over there. Sati feels so guilty that start weeping in front of her father and everyone. She seeks apology from her father. Sati tells to Daksha that she had written Vishnu name on petals and she doesn’t know how they get converted into Shiva name. Daksha react differently this time, he puts his hand over her head and accepts her apology. He tells to sati that due to her bad mental stability she might have written Shiva name on them. Sati tells to Daksha that she is ready for even harder punishment but Daksha tells her that there is no need for it.

Prajapati Daksha

She has already proved to her father that she is ideal daughter and princess of state. Daksha sweet words for her daughter bring the lost glow of sati face. Daksha tells to sati that he wants to see her sweet innocent and winsome daughter again. Daksha takes sati to royal lunch after seeing her smiling Daksha gets pleased. He asks Sati to organise the best spring season festival in the state which no one has ever seen. Sati accepts her father request with great zeal and seeks permission to leave lunch for watering her plants in garden with her other sisters.

Lord Shiva

Meanwhile after Sati leave, Prasuti observes that Daksha is still not happy internally so asks Daksha the reason of not being happy internally. Daksha replies to Prasuti in private that Shiva and his devotees made a huge impact on her mind. So to remove Shiva thoughts from her mind he diverted her thoughts towards spring season preparation. On the other side, few worker of the palace collects all the flowers from sati room and decides to dump them, suddenly a man appears from nowhere in front of workers and asks politely to give all flowers to him but palace works rejects his request by saying that Prajapati Daksha ordered them to dump all the flowers. Man request again and tell them that these flower are so dear to him. He asks them that why they are throwing away these beautiful flowers. A worker tells him that making this decision of giving flower to him is not under their control. Suddenly while passing through Sati observes the argument between man and palace workers. So she asks to workers why they are making so much noise. One worker defines to sati that the man standing in front of them is asking them to give all the flowers.


Sati asks to worker what’s wrong in giving the flowers to him if he requires them. Worker replies to Sati by taking her name that “Princess Sati your father told us to throw away all the flowers in the forest.” As long as man hears the name of Sati his heart get melt with great reverence towards Sati but he doesn’t speak single word. He gets delighted to meet Sati and he even bow down in front of her.


Sati observes the strange behaviour of man and asks him to stand up. Sati tells him that he is older in age and this kind of behaviour will be dispraise in society where an older person is getting down on knees of a younger person. Sati orders palace worker to give him the entire flower bag with all the respect. Man gives salutation to Sati and humbly accepts the bag of flower. Meanwhile Daksha was viewing the whole incident from his balcony. Daksha realises that man standing in front of his daughter was none other than Nandi. Man walks out with the flower bag and Sati observes that her father not looking happy with her decision. She asks to sage Kashyap standing near to her “Who was that man? Who took all the flowers with him in which Shiva name was mistakenly written by me?” Sage Kashyap replies that “He was Nandi vehicle of SHIVA.” Sati gives second look to Nandi.

sati second look


ॐ नमः शिवाय | om namah shivaya

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