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Shiv parvati

Shiva spouse with Goddess Parvati

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ॐ नमो भगवते रुद्राय नमः ~ जय भोलेनाथ !

When your heart gets filled and your emotions comes out as tear drop from your eyes. This is the feeling of eternal love, which can't be expressed in words. It is the deep ocean of feelings which makes your heart melt for someone. You get attached and attracted by the charm of that special one. This attachment creates the feeling of trust and devotion for that special one. Trust and devotion are the basic requirement for building such an strong relationship. Mahadev and devi Parvati are greatest example of such eternal love, they are collectively known as Shiv shakti. Both are worship in all over the world as ideal couple. By closely observing the bond between shivaay and Devi Parvati only one thing stayed in my mind which seems so true that true Love is when the other person's happiness is more important than your own. Shiva is supreme god within Hindus, one of the three most influential deity who is known as Lord of Lords Mahadev. Shiva is the creator, Destroyer, transformer, formless, supereme consciousness.

Lord Shiva

princess parvati enchanted by Lord Shiva

Well this is really a unique love story of devi parvati and shiva which defines us the true meaning of love. Devi Parvati is the incarnation of Adishakti who took birth as daughter of the mountain king Himavan and mother Maina just to marry Shivaay. Once when devi Parvati was so young Sage Markandeya reveals the Mrityunjaya Mantra and his own story to Parvati about how Lord shiva Mrityunjaya Mantra saved his life from Yam (death of God). With passage of time, parvati connection with lord shiva got stronger day by day. She fell in love with lord shiva. She was completely spellbound by charisma of lord shiva and wanted to marry him. sage Dadhichi was a great devotee and follower of lord shiva. Dadhichi enlightens Parvati, Lord Vishnu sends Rishi Dadhichi to inform Parvati about Mahadev. Dadhichi helps Parvati awaken her devotion for Mahadev and gives her Bel Patra in order to meet him You can easily feel the purity of this love in this beat given below Download this

Parvati Journey to shiva

Now marrying shiva was not an easy task for her and the reason was obvious, She was bounded with human body limitation. Whereas Shiva is limitless. Even though she was part of adishakti, She knew that she has to prove her love for lord shiva, She also knew that she has to come out from limitation of human body and control all the elements which includes Akash (Sky or Space), Vayu (Air), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire), Prithvi (Earth), Roshanee (Light), Atma (Soul, Spirit ). The path parvati had choosen for herself was impossible to reachout without the rootmap. In Parvati's childhood, Sage Dadhichi helped her many times as her guru. Since from Parvati birth Sage Dadhichi knew that, one day parvati will achieve the supreme consciousness, which will help her to get married to Lord shiva. So Dadhichi was the first sage who introduced shiva to parvati and made her realize that she will get married to Lord shiva in near future. There were two dimensions of the bonding between Sage Dadhichi and devi partati. Sage Dadhichi devotion to lord shiva was incomparable so in the first dimension he bow down to devi parvati and sees her as divine mother and in second dimension he looks parvati as same little child whom he knew from her childhood. Sage Dadhichi tells parvati that "your journey to shiva is about to begin from here, But shiva is within you, you need not to find him anywhere else". By expanding his vast knowledge level Dadhichi revales to parvati that human soul is bounded with 7 layers of mortality on this earth, which allows them to collect each and every though they come across in live. After listening this parvati asked to sage what are these 7 layers mortality on this earth and how can i overcome from these 7 layers? Dadhichi replies to parvati that this is the most difficult task for humans to overcome becuase humans are bounded by many Prachir (wall). Only people who has compassion in their heart can cross it. Your compassion will lead u towards shiva.
You have to take yourself to next level by Yoga sadhana. This will take you cross of your human prachir ( wall) and enable your first Chakra. Later on sage told to parvati that now i am going to tell you everything you need to know. There are chakras in human boody which act as prachir (wall).

1 Muladhara chakra This Chakra is in your base of spine in the coccygeal region and human mind is a part of it. This chakra which will help you to overcome first element which is earth. This chakra governs your emotion like family ties, belonging and memories associated to your basic need. This chakras takes responsibility when any life threatening event takes place in your surrounding. Muladhara chakra works for your security, survival and respond to your surrounding, When you will balance your Muladhar chakra, you will be able to overcome your first limitation which will make you feel fearless.
2 Swadhisthana Chakra This chakra is located at sacrum. Humans are full of self-esteem. Almost every human is effected by his own egoistic problem. It's human ego which creates human distance from god and your ego lies in pranvayu kosh which can be overcome by enabling your next chakra which is Swadhisthana Chakra. If you enable Swadhisthana Chakra you will able to overcome water element. This chakra helps you to represents creativity, fluidity, and fertility.
3 Manipura Chakra This chakra is located at human naval. This chakra helps you to control your thoughts. Awakening this chakra will help you to understand your own universe. After enabling your Manipura chakra your Fire element will be overcome. You will feel more stagnant. This chakra will awake your true personal power. You will be able to control your deep thoughts. This will improve metabolism and and spirituality in your body.
4 Anahata Chakra ( heart chakra, Hriday Chakra) Anahata is related to the thymus, located in the chest. This chakra helps you to overcome air element. Awakening this chakra helps you to heal past wounds by reopening your heart, grows feelings of compassion, trust on god and this chakra also govern unconditional love for the self and others. Since this chakra is located in heart it is connected to immune system. This chakra also helps to release stress and govern devotin.
5 Vishuddha Chakra ( Throat Chakra ) This chakra is located in throat and related to your thyroid gland. This chakra will help you to overcome sky or space element. This chakra helps you to move your voice in space and makes communication possible for both receiver and sender. Awakening this chakra will govern your communication skill you will be able to communicate with anyone in this universe with universal vibrations
6 Aagya Chakra ( Third eye Chakra ) This chakra is located in your Forehead which governs Pituitary gland, spine and lower brain. This chakra will help you to overcome Light element. Awakening this chakra will give you super natural powers and you will be able to sense the events and time, you will be able to visualize the events. your intuitive knowledge will achieve the higest level for example in mahabharat sanjay saw the whole war of kurukshetra (Haryana, India), from another place known as Hastinapur ( Uttar Pradesh, India).
7 Sahasrara ( crown chakra, Aatm-Jagriti ) This chakra is located in top of your head, where you put ribbon in your pony tail, this Sahasrara chakra is connected to Central neverous system, spine and brain. This chakra will help you to rise your kundalini shakti . Sahasrara chakra is the state of pure consciousness where human soul gets connected to param brahm( supreme consciousness). This state is the Samadhi where it unites with shiva. It is the highest level of consciousness and enlightenment. This chakra integrates all chakras. This is the ultimate state where you connect with shiva.

shiva and parvati

Story will continue in next post.

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