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Sati confused whether she loves Shiva or not

Sati confused whether she loves Shiva or not

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| === |
| om |
|_ _ _ _
{_~~_~_~~_~~_~~_ _ _)
Prayer to Lord Shiva

Nagendraharaya trilochanaya
bhasmangaragaya maheshvaraya
nityaya suddhaya digambaraya
tasmai na karaya namah shivaya
om namah shivaya .


As Defined previously Shiva arrives on Narad request to save Raga ragni. Sati hears Shiva Singing and begins to dance. Sati was spellbound by Shiva’s melodious musical note. But Shiva vanishes from there as soon he sees Sati standing in front of him and dancing on his musical note. She takes raga and ragni with her and returns to her palace. When sati reaches to palace with group of Raga – Ragni. One of the Raga tells sati’s sister about the magic of Shiva music and how sati mesmerized by his music. khayati and other sister of sati welcomes raga and ragni in Daksha palace and after that They talks with sati regarding the incident happened with her. Sati sister tells sati that “Sati why don’t you understand that Shiva is deceiving you.

Sati is scolded by her elder sister's

Shiva and his devotees are planning conspiracy against our father by making you their weapon. Now look at yourself again and again you going near to him. What you want to do next. You have insulted our father again. You even forget that you are Dakshayani, daughter of great Daksha. Understand it Sati this is the biggest conspiracy of Shiva.” Sati replies in loud tone “Which conspiracy you are talking about, neither am I silly nor insensible. I was bringing river water and suddenly I heard the melodious voice. I was unaware that Shiva was there singing that musical note in dense forest. His voice charmed my heart and I started walking toward source of that beautiful voice and end at looking Shiva. I tried to stop myself but my feet took me more close to Shiva. That was the magic in mystic Shiva voice. I was continuously gazing Shiva. If he was deceiving me; why didn’t he stopped there to meet me? Reality is that he doesn’t care about me. I was present there but he ignored me. He has no relation with me. Neither friend nor foe, neither love nor hate. He even doesn’t know that I' m daughter of Daksha and I was highly impressed with his musical skills. Have you ever seen people who plan conspiracy behaving like this? I was hurt in my toe, somehow I reached close to him but he didn’t talk with me. He not even looked at me with smile and vanished from there.” Sati starts weeping and her sister cuddle her.

sad sati

Meanwhile Dancer Madanike is invited for spring feast, when she arrives in Daksha palace Sati greet her with a pleasant smile. Madanike accepts her greet with great joy and gives back the same love and respect to sati. Madanike observes the increased beauty glow of sati. Just by viewing uptake of sati face Madanike whispers on sati ears that “I know your pulse is running so fast and your heart is beating so rapidly. These are symptoms of a young girl who has recently fallen in love with someone. Isn’t it Sati? You are in Love my dear.” Sati was surprised by Madanike words she looks back at Madanike eyes and touches her feet. Madanike blesses her she tells sati that “if I had an daughter, it would be exactly looking like you. I always look at you as my daughter sati. I am bound less sati but whenever I see you; towards your pretty face, feeling of motherhood arises in my heart” Sati feels blessed and replies to Madanike that “I am like your daughter Madanike.” Seeing sati getting emotional Madanike creates jocose moment with her. She tells sati that “your heart beating so fast for someone in case if you want to share his name with me you can." Sati smiles and takes Madanike inside the palace where her sisters were putting Mehndi in their hands.

sati blessed by madanike

On the other hand sage Atri, sage Kashyap and sage Dadhichi decides to visit mount kailash where Shiva lives with his devotees for inviting him for Daksha Yagya. In between their visit, sage kashyap sees flower of Prajita he shares the information that Lord Shiva gets delighted easily by these flowers; Shiva likes flower of prajita so everyone decides to pick some flowers for Shiva offering.

saptrishis visiting kailash

When they reach to mount Kailsha with bare feet, Nandi welcomes them. Nandi ask them that there must be some amazing news there that’s why great sages came to visit kailash, mount of Lord Shiva. Sage Dadhichi agrees with Nandi; he tells him that Daksha has invited Shiva for huge gathering.

saptrishi with nandi

Nandi was shocked to listen the news he replies to Dadhichi that “how it happened, I know Daksha very well, Daksha is one of the greatest hater of Shiva why he invited Shiva; There must be some catch or it may be possible that Daksha is willing to improve his relation with Shiva otherwise what the reason behind this invitation.” Sage Dadhichi replies to Nandi that “this must the change which we were looking from long time ago Nandi. Now please take us near the Shiva Nandi.”


On the other Side in Daksha palace, Madanike sees the same old colour being used in feat. So she announces that “time has come to change the colour theme of festival. We will be requiring new colours this time. Isn’t it sati?” sati agrees with her. While seeing towards sati, Madanike tells everybody that in this spring festival she will introduce the colour of Love. She tells that for bringing colour of Love she will visit to Rang Raj (king of colours). Madanike takes permission from Prasuti to take her daughter sati with her. Prasuti agrees on that but sati was confused little bit about the whole colour theme change idea. Sati takes leaves from meeting and goes to her room for some resting. Various thoughts were revolving in her head. She began to think that why her heart was beating so fast when she greeted Madanike. She was remembering the conversation she had with her sisters. Suddenly Madanike reaches to her room and takes sati permission to enter there. Sati invites Madanike to see her room. Madanike tells sati that “I know you are thinking about the same person.” But sati refuses that she doesn’t want to reply on that question. This makes Madanike more eager to know the name of person whom sati thinking about.

madanike with sati

Madanike tells sati that “Don’t you want to tell me sati? Who is in your thoughts; I can clearly see the shadow of that person in your black eyes. I can hear his music in your voice; you can hide from anyone in this world but not with me sati. You are in love my little sati.” Sati replies on that “what kind of love you are talking about Madanike? What is the definition of this love? ” Madanike smiles and reply back to sati “Definition of love is unknown to everybody sati but when it happens your heart will know it” sati tells Madanike that this kind of loves she does with her mother-father, sisters and other family members. Madanike makes her understood that she is not talking about the blood relation love which we does with our family members. She is talking about the love which is so true, so pure and aesthetic. Sati tells to Madanike that Love is Love there is no difference in loving someone. Madanike informs her about two kind of love first which we do with our family and second to that one single person who is everything for us. That kind of love is beyond feelings, emotions and body without whom everything becomes useless. One day you will listen to your heart. Till then keep fighting in your thoughts but in the end you will realize it what I am seeing in your beautiful eyes. Just perform one thing close your eyes and see whose image comes in your mind. Sati closes her eyes and sees Shiva and opens her eyes with shock. She lies to Madanike the she has seen no one. But Madanike knew that she was lying.

shiva story

ॐ नमः शिवाय | om namah shivaya

Important : Dear readers we have decided that we will post consecutive part of story on every monday. Next part of the story from here will release on 19 feb 2017.

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