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In simple terms shakti is URZA (energy). This URZA is the reason we can feel and understand what is happening around us. Yes i am talking about your conciousness. This Urza is an ancient goddess of feminine energy worshiped at Ancient cultures around the world which is formless. This Urza is infinite. It doesn't have any corner, start and end Hence it is infinite. In comprehensive logistic, it is like the orbits of electrons around atoms which are spining infinetly defying the quantum of kaal - pahar (time). This Urza cannot be created or destroyed. Because it real sense is still not known so it can't be created or destroyed. It is a symbol of the infinite energy within all of us. Every thing in this cosmos or in any other cosmos known or unknown is part of this urza including Galaxies, Sun, stars, solar system which includes, earth, rivers, mountain, tree, humans, animals. It can only be transformed. This Urza later became bipolar one part became sagun another became nirgun.


So shiva and shakti are the bipolar of this dimension. Together Called Adishakti. Urza (Shakti) is beloved wife of Lord shiva. Lord shiva Destroyer of Darkness . Sage with Trident in his right hand. Lord shiva was an Vairagi (It is a state where a person is in complete peace of mind and relaxation, The surrounding condition doesn't matter.) Now Shiva is in household with Urza (Shakti) beloved Wife of shiva.

Urza or Adishakti manifested herself two times since the Creation of world In post vedic Hindu epic shiva is Purusha (Man) and Urza (shakti) is nature (प्रकृति || prakrti). It is well known fact that nature (प्रकृति || prakrti || shakti || Urza) loves ( Purush (man) || lord shiva || शिव). But there is other part of it, which defines that, She also helps him to maintain his celibacy and nourish him. These are high spiritual morale which are foundation of Love. That is the reason Lord shiva, the Adiyogi Lives in snowy mount of kailash surrounded by nature. He is unborn and in househld with urza (shakti) but still he is an yogi. Urza constantly connected to him. Urza (shakti) can only be transformed this brings the concept of incarnation. After all they are flux of Kaal - Pahar.


Har har mahadeva

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