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Shiva Protects sati

sati meets Shiva

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| === |
| om |
|_ _ _ _
{_~~_~_~~_~~_~~_ _ _)
Prayer to Lord Shiva

Nagendraharaya trilochanaya
bhasmangaragaya maheshvaraya
nityaya suddhaya digambaraya
tasmai na karaya namah shivaya
om namah shivaya .


As defined previously that Madanike gets agreed to take Sati with her to meet Colour kingdom king. Sati was very happy to visit the kingdom of colors and take some new fresh colors from there. In her mind, Madanike was worried to take Sati with her and reason was obvious. Colour kingdom was in Mount Kailash direction, where Lord Shiva lives and Madanike didn't want Sati to get mesmerized with shiva again.

Meanwhile, Sati gets ready to visit Colour kingdom and Madanike starts the journey with her. In mid of their journey, they get separated due to the storm. Due to strong storm and fog visibility becomes so low; Madanike tries to hold Sati hand but unfortunately, they get separated by walking in the different direction. After some time Sati reaches somewhere else and Madanike reaches somewhere else. Madanike was so much worried for Sati. She was concerned about sati safety. Madanike starts blaming herself for getting sati lost during her journey. Stormy Wind was so strong Sati reaches to the ground and decides to grab a tree but tree gets uprooted by the stronger wind force.

Vitrasura Hurricane Demon

Sati turns around and tries to grab another tree but the same thing happens again and the tree gets uprooted again. This whole thing makes sati more scared of the storm. Sati was continuously screaming Madanike name. She was asking Madanike to help her but Madanike was not there with her. Suddenly a hurricane comes near to the sati. She tries to run away from the storm but the storm was so powerful. It was about to pull her into the hole. Sati was feeling helpless and her strength was getting faded by every passing moments. Suddenly trident comes in between sati and Hurricane and sati gets fews moments to relax a little bit after that trident returns to opposite direction. Shiva has thrown his trident to save Sati and stop demon Hurricane VitraSura from hurting Sati.

Shiva threws Trident to save sati

Sati turns around to see who is standing few meters away from her? Sati realizes that Shiva was standing tall holding trident in his right hand. She starts gazing the charismatic persona of Lord Shiva who was standing alone in the middle of the strong storm and his matted hair locks were waving beyond his shoulder. Sati comes close Shiva and she get spellbound by viewing Shiva charm. Shiva touches Sati shoulder and makes her stand behind her back so that he could protect her from the storm.

Feel the ecstatic bond between Shiva and sati

Far away from there, sage Dadhichi was giving shelter to the people who were lost in the Storm. sage Dadhichi tells to innocent people that "this storm is not the ordinary storm. It is a demon storm whose name is VitraSura. VitraSura is a powerful demon who usually sleeps in spring season but for an unknown reason, he awoke before his time."

Lord Shiva and demon VitraSura

Sati was standing behind Shiva. Shiva looks at the Hurricane demon VitraSura. He disappears from his position and appears on left side of shiva; VitraSura tries to scare sati by sending a strong wind force towards her and Sati tries to hide behind Shiva, but shiva holds sati hand and not let her flown away. Sati feels the tight grip of Shiva when Shiva holds her. She grabs shiva Muscular arm and realizes that no harm could happen to her until Shiva is with her. Now VitraSura tries from the right side but shiva makes Sati feel so safe behind his backs. Sati feels the strength of shiva standing behind him. She was aware that Shiva is omniscient lord of lords.

Point to note here

Although Sati was not just an ordinary princess; she was the mortal incarnation of Urza | Energy and collectively Shiva and Sati makes the flux of quantum dynamics. But at that time Sati was not aware of her divine avatar . She was bounded in the human body with the subconscious mind. In the beginning when the creation of the universe began. Shiva dissected his feminine energy source from himself and gave as the boon to Brahma (creator) so that the universe could come into existence. And Sada-Shiv took morph of Rudra in mount Kailash.

She tries to touch Shiva arm to feel whether he has the human abbreviation or not but internally she was little scared to touch Shiva as her father great king Daksha is the greatest hater of Shiva. His father never accepted Shiva as supreme consciousness. Sati was internally happy to seeing that Shiva is protecting her himself. VitraSura as a hurricane demon shower the arrows on Shiva and Sati. Shiva raises his hand and all arrows fall down on Shiva's feet. Vitrasura gets angrier on Shiva, he showers more arrows on Shiva and Sati. This time Shiva lifts his Trident from the previous place and put down to earth again with an astonishing sound originates from it in front of VitraSura. Super vibration originates from the bottom of trident and shakes the earth and VitraSura get dissolve in earth afterward Shiva lifts his trident and earth stop shaking.

Shiva Hair lock was still flying over his shoulder and Sati was holding Shiva's arms but as soon as VitraSura get dissolve in the earth, Shiva comes to a step apart from Sati. Sun appears from the black cloud and Sati keeps gazing Shiva now Shiva turns toward Sati and looks at Sati. For few moment Sati remains speechless. She had many thoughts on her minds regarding Shiva but her mind was in subconsciousness state as soon her sensation return Shiva disappears for there. Somehow Madanike reaches there, she sees Sati looking towards mount Kailash direction. Madanike hugs Sati, she realizes that Sati is safe.

Madanike ask Sati - "What happened to you Sati? Are you safe? Why are you not saying anything? Did you know how I felt when I lost you in the storm?" Sati hugs back to Madanike and Madanike tells to Sati - "oh my lord you valued my prayers, thank you, now I can go in front of your mother Prasuti, Sati I screamed your name many times. Where were you? tell me - Sati what happened with you?" Sati replies to Madanike - "Madanike whatever has happened; it was good."
Madanike - "Thanks my Lord so much for blessing us. Let's return back sati."

On the other side sage, Dadhichi tells to his follower that - "Shiva saved us all, we need not fear when Shiva is our patron."
One of the followers says - "Yes Sage, VitraSura is gone but what if he returns?"

Dadhichi - "Don't worries VitraSura will not appear until next spring season. You need to concentrate on Shiva reverence. Mahadev or Lord Shiva will always come to you whenever you will need him the most" Dadhichi Folds his hand in front of Shivlinga. Sati and Madanike reach to Daksha palace. Sati mother Prasuti welcomes them; she expresses her concern about the storm. Sati replies her that everything that happened was all fine.

ॐ नमः शिवाय | om namah shivaya

madanike devotee of shiva

Important : Dear readers we have decided that we will post consecutive part of story on next monday.

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