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Shiva inside and outside

shiva inside and outside

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| === |
| om |
|_ _ _ _
{_~~_~_~~_~~_~~_ _ _)
Prayer to Lord Shiva

Nagendraharaya trilochanaya
bhasmangaragaya maheshvaraya
nityaya suddhaya digambaraya
tasmai na karaya namah shivaya
om namah shivaya .


When you closely observe this world many thing will comes in your mind. We try to figure out many things like who we are? What we are doing here? Similarly I had few questions from myself what is the motive of this life? How to make life more purposeful? I searched for light everywhere in this world; actually I was not aware that I was not finding light I was trying to find myself. I was trying to get rid out of darkness from my life. I was searching for those happy faces which are free from anxieties of world. Someone who could take me out outside of myself and make me set free. I was praying to god to send some guru for me. Who could tell me the meaning of life? I was searching visionaries who has control over senses and knows the meaning of life.

Then I came across him. India is highly rich in cultural and spiritual values. Many sages are living ascetic life here without letting anyone know about them. These people are living the superior life than us by making direction with supreme consciousness. Superior life doesn’t mean driving Lamborghini and holding apple gadget on palms. It is when you know how to live a peaceful life whether you have them or not. But surely when you have peace in your heart you will become more focused and stronger. But inner thought should be purified on regular basis. Otherwise your inner peace may get destroyed by yourself In modern cities where every lane is filled with population, people are becoming more ignorant and heartless day by day. What is there which is making them ignorant? I realized that rat race of becoming superior then other is making them heartless. I don’t want to be one of them. I don’t want to limit myself in those circumstances where people are forgetting to respect other. People have distracted themselves from path of spirituality.

A 21 year old boy will hardly understand what I am saying in this post. But this became reality that people are not getting path of spirituality. Still something mysticism is there who is controlling them making them to do good deeds. Your Karmas are bomerrang which comes back to you and reward you on the basis of your deeds. A person who gives too much importance to money and fame are the one who are not actually enjoying their life. Life is always enjoyed by those who believe in giving, not in taking. India is always been a world guru in the field of spirituality. But is not just land of sages, monk and spirituality, It is the home of brave warriors who knows how to live dignified life by giving equal respect to their enemies. You must have heard about the Battle of Saragarhi where 21 Sikhs soldiers faced 15000 Afghans to protect their motherland INDIA. It means a single Sikh warrior was fighting against 714 enemies at one time. There are many more stories but I want to share the story of greatest Hindu Warrior Shrimant Bajirao Peshwa (August 18, 1700 – April 28, 1740). Bajirao fought over 41 battles without losing anyone and he is known as invincible warrior.

How spectacular is that people who have strong will power and focused mind set can do miracles like that. High Spirituality can give such kind of energy and strength to anyone. People who are committed to their culture and land can do that which comes from spirituality. So question come to our mind that what is spirituality? According to me it is the journey which person covers to find the ultimate truth. There are basically two ways how to follow spirituality. It is through meditation Buddhist known for that, I have great respect for them. They told the world most scientific way to connect with spirituality. Then I come across the one who is mysterious of all known as Gyaneswar. Shiva The one who could be achieved through knowledge, people believe that he is achievable through reading more about him. But actually truth is that he is beyond caption of text books. He is limitless, transcendent, omniscient, and boundless beyond karma & time. He is the one who resides in our nerves, heart and in our soul & body. Presence of pineal gland in our forehead is the biggest proof of his existence.

He was existed before time and will be there when there will be nothing. He is Shiva who is there in every tiny particle of soil. He never asked people to worship him it is people who worshipped him and called him mahadev Lord of Lords. For someone ordinary person like me his is my inner peace. People may know him as yogishwara Adinath, Adiyogi or shivaay but for me he is simplest of simple Shiva. He taught people to value inner peace. Life is a journey from our self to Shiva; his mysticism attracts billions of people and making them curious to know more about him. Shiva made me realize that purpose of life is to do something useful for country and humanity. We all are one common race, human race. We need to look after each other. This world will be a better place when we have compassion in our hearts. Meeting people with smile & open heart is the biggest service which someone can do to humanity. Be a giver in life, this is what Shiva is; he gave elixir to demi gods and drank the venom for saving universe from it. That’s why he is mahadeva (lord of lord). Everyone is Shiva; there is always some part of Shiva in every creature. Shiva introduced 112 life chakras which takes you to journey of inner consciousness of life. Science of high spirituality can be felt by practising Yoga, Yoga is not just limited to someone body it is limitless like Shiva; which can also be practised outside the body. Controlling all five elementary elements brings stability in life and yoga connects them beautifully on high spiritual grounds. Feel the divine consciousness in you through meditation or Shiva. Doesn’t a matter whether you feel devoted towards Shiva or not. As I have said Shiva is always being a giver not taker, it doesn’t matter to him. What matter him the most is how good are your karma. Happiness is the gift which can’t be brought from money it comes from internally. I am not saying you to become sage what I am trying to say is that try to purify your thoughts.

ॐ नमः शिवाय | om namah shivaya

madanike devotee of shiva

Important : Dear readers we have decided that we will post consecutive part of story on next monday.

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